Digital Revolution - we make it happen

We are Actum Lab – a software lab focused on web app development, IT consulting and emerging technologies. We help enterprise customers to go through fascinating digital revolution journey. We are not only talking about technological revolution – we make it happen.

We just don't make one-off applications

We design, prototype and deliver sophisticated applications and systems based on Angular and Node.js frameworks for various purposes: from product visualisation and customization software, to automated interior project generators and innovative Computer Vision applications. Our projects are pushing forward technological borders. We have founded Actum Lab Capital Group – a group of companies specialised in innovative technologies/areas such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gaming, Computer VIsion, AI, Machine Learning, 3D modelling.

Our area of expertise

Web applications

We are specialised in development of web apps based on Angular & Node.js frameworks. 

Computer Vision

We create advanced IT solutions based on tailor-made image processing algorithms.   

AR / VR / Metaverse

We develop AR/VR products and experiences with true value added. 

Game dev

Through our game studio, Actum Games, we deliver outstanding games and concepts. 

3D modelling

We design and create 3D models, prepared and optimised for many different use cases.

AI / Machine Leaning

We help you to achieve new technology readiness level through creation of AI-powered applications.

Why Actum Lab?

Bespoke IT solutions

We precede our projects with deep requirement analysis, to create a piece of software which works just fine.

In-house competences

We do not outsource our work. We have key competences on board.

IP & Know-how built For years

We acquired extensive IP, know-how and experience how to build great solutions.

Deep understanding of enterprise processes

Actum Lab founders originated from enterprise IT consulting. We understand your problems and complexity of your IT architecture.

Join those who trusted us

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Actum Lab Capital Group

Our group consist of four companies, specialised in different products and services, although with the common goal of creating great and innovative solutions. Unique synergy between all the companies makes our group a trustworthy partner for your digital revolution journey.  

Our offices

8 The Green STE A, DE 19901, USA

Trzy Lipy 3B, 80-172 Gdańsk, Poland

Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warsaw, Poland