Paint Color visualizer

Virtually paint your room with an online, AI-powered application

No more headaches during paint color selection

Equip your website with an AI-powered wall paint color visualizer

Let your visitors visualize new paintings in their room

Integrate paint color visualizer with your e-commerce

Boost your online conversions

Decrease wrong purchase decisions rate

Catch-up and chase away your competition with customised room visualizer

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Emerging tech inside

Our online paint colour visualizer solution comes as a part of Floori Studio suite - an AI-powered room visualization tool. Harness sophisticated and tailor-made Computer Vision algorithms to provide seamless room visualization experience to your visitor. Achieve higher conversion rates and simply sell more with Floori.


Let your visitors customize their room with your wall painting colors on the fly


Generate unique QR codes for each colour and use them in-store to help your customer make a right purchase decision

no mobile app required

Fully online, mobile-friendly web app with seamless integration into your website


Leverage out-of-the-box Floori Studio capabilities with low, flexible SaaS pricing or build a white-label app on the top of our AI methods

Attract more leads, close more deals and improve your online conversion rate with Paint Color Visualizer

Let your prospects educate themselves about your products. Generate educated and warm leads for your products online!

Wall Paint Colour Visualizer key values

For your customer

For your business

Flexible pricing and TCO known upfront

Quick implementation, easy management

Personalized UI

We will personalize UI to reflect your branding

Assets Creation

We will prepare necessary assets of your products


We will create data interfaces towards your systems

Custom Features

We will develop requested custom features

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