Automatic Kitchen Generator

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What is Kitchen Generator?

Online tool for automatic kitchen design without prior knowledge of design principles

Hot lead generation app for kitchen and home appliance business

Online kitchen planner solution for people arranging or renovating the kitchens

Augmented Reality kitchen project preview tool - even in 1:1 scale

High-quality kitchen project visualizations generator - rendering in minutes, even in 4k resolution ​

kitchen generator project render

It is so easy!

5 simple steps and your kitchen is ready! Get your measure-to-made kitchen project in less than 5 minutes. Preview it in your room using Augmented Reality. Generate high-quality 4K visualizations. Save the project and send it for price estimation. Do it all without leaving your home!

project generation

Generate a measure-to-made kitchen project in minutes and personalize it further to your needs

bill of materials

Generate a bill of materials used in your kitchen project for further project work and price estimation

AR Preview

Kitchen project can be previewed on a 1:1 scale using Augmented Reality and your mobile device

4k renders

Kitchen project visualizations may be rendered in 4k quality within minutes by our cloud rendering mechanism

Amaze potential customers with high-quality kitchen project renders

Check out our sample visualizations rendered in 4K by the Kitchen Generator's cloud computing module
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Kitchen planner

Kitchen Generator

Flexible SaaS pricing

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Implementation service done by us

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We will implement UI reflecting your branding

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We will create data interfaces towards your systems

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We will develop requested custom features

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