Who are we?

We are a group of engineers, specialized in creating software based on Computer Vision, AI and Augmented Reality.

Our products are innovative, functional and they postpone on a huge additional value for our customers. In our projects and implementations we always put customer’s satisfaction as well as carefulness and high quality first.

• We design and create solutions which are using Augmented Reality and Computer Vision
• We create 3D models and animations as well as implement them in your AR/VR solutions.
• We design and create mobile applications dedicated for devices with iOS or Android system.
• We create analyses and R+D projects in scope of Augmented Reality, 3D modeling and scanning as well as image processing.
• We can SAP consulting unit from area of SAP Customer Experience solutions

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Raising society’s awareness about technology around them. We want people to get familiar with the technology they use every day and to pay attention to its potential.

  • Focus on sales strategy in countries where e-commerce has the biggest value in overall market share (USA, Western Europe)

  • In 5 years, Actum Lab will be a mass provider of 3D Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality content for e-commerce and B2B, helping companies to sell more products, increase conversion rate and lower the rate of expensive returns.

Our story - how it all started

Actum Lab concept started in 2013 during Google AR Glass implementation project at SAP, global enterprise software supplier by one of co-founders, Rafal Kosidlo, who back then was a business processes consultant.
In 2015, due to the constant passion to the artificial neural networks technology by the other co-founders, 
Pawel Czarny and Mateusz Grzesik, Actum Lab has been founded. Since then the company is constantly developing measure made solutions based on Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Image Processing technology, with a strong focus on interior and product visualization.


  • Paweł Czarny


  • Rafał Kosidło


  • Mateusz Grzesik