There’s a better way to sell flooring: how Floori Studio software product revolutionized online floor & rug sales?


Floori Studio is an innovative room visualization software, which supports floors, rugs, walls, and furniture visualizations. Floori is helping users from over 25 countries to visualize the different types of products directly in their room, thanks to AI and Computer Vision algorithms. 

Project Overview

Actum Lab is responsible for the end-to-end process of software product design, R&D, development, and maintenance. 

The main technical challenge was the extensive R&D part, resulting in custom Computer Vision algorithms for floor and wall detection and segmentation. 

After R&D part, it was necessary to build complex backend architecture for customers & products data maintenance, as well as multiple integration interfaces to enable smooth implementations. 

In terms of frontend, it was necessary to build a bunch of web apps on top of the backend and AI algorithms, which will allow the user to realize all the business and functional use cases. 

Technology stack used

Nest.js, Angular, Three.js, AWS, tailor-made Computer Vision algorithms, ARKit, ARcore

Business outcomes & benefits

  • innovative AI-powered solution boosting online sales of home interior products
  • actively used by over 200 companies in over 25 countries, over 300k product visualizations made on the monthly basis
  • confirmed online sales conversion improvement after Floori implementation within our customers

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