You can now create made-to-measure kitchen projects without prior knowledge of kitchen design using imello Kitchen Creator


imello is a new brand and web portal concept focused on interior design, with a great emphasis on kitchen design and home appliances. imello is using innovative applications such as Kitchen Creator, as well as emerging technologies like Augmented Reality to revolutionize the way how made-to-measure kitchens are designed and bought in Poland. 

Project overview

The project started from an extensive R&D phase which resulted in a prototype of a generation and rule engine, as well as a 3D visualization engine. Afterward, in the next project phase, Actum Lab developed the final AWS-based, dockerized frontend and backend architecture, together with source system integrations, as well as provided a comprehensive 3D modeling service for all the assets used for imello Kitchen Creator. 

Technology used

Angular, Three.js, Nest.js, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Blender

Business outcomes and benefits

  • one of the very first solutions for automatic generation measure-to-made kitchen projects using an online web app for non-designers
  • decreased time to receive measure-to-made kitchen project from hours to minutes
  • ability to demonstrate measure-to-made kitchen projects in users’ locations using Augmented Reality
  • ability to automatically generate photorealistic 4K renders of the kitchen projects in minutes thanks to integration with the rendering farm

Visit to see and test solution live!