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Marketing industry in Augmented Reality

The marketing industry can benefit from augmented reality in many ways. Social media, content marketing, and digital marketing are based on human interaction, so by improving shopping and customer experience, in general, using AR technology the industry may increase its sales.

Augmented Reality in Marketing

Augmented reality is an exciting technology, as it provides different types of marketing opportunities. From playing the game to suggesting a new purchase to displaying products using technology. A marketer can place products in people’s homes, such as furniture and decor, to help them visualize how the products would look in the room or how they could combine a product with another to create something totally new and unexpected.

How AR Marketing Improves Sales

Using AR marketing, it is possible to sell products at a premium price and make sure that you can see the product in its real setting before purchasing it. However, this type of marketing may not improve sales automatically. To enhance your brand, you have to show a real-time demonstration of your products in a convincing way usually using social media marketing.

AR Marketing for Brands

The best way to market a brand if using AR is to have relevant messages or experiences in context. This means you need to be very clear about your message and ensure that the product or service is unique. Well-thought content marketing will do that for you.

Floori is flooring software that allows you to scan an object and view it in 3D virtual reality. The developers focus mainly on the flooring industry, as they have created it as a tool to get ideas and inspiration but also to shop. Floori states that people can transform their own ideas into physical reality, giving them the chance to shop, display, and offer the product in a physical store. Floori does not only focus on flooring though. It can be used for other purposes as well, such as interior design.


Augmented reality is an emerging trend, but with large market potential and a promising future, it is a good idea to stay on the leading edge of technological progress.

Our success stories prove that AR, Computer Vision, and Project/Product/Visualization Configurators have a positive impact on the marketing industry when it comes to growth and expansion.

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