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05.14.2021 Actumlab

3D product configurator and visualization software

3D Product Configurator Software for Business

3D Product Visualization Software Configurator is converting any conceptual design into a full product visualization. It provides a unique opportunity to visually engage with a product before its creation. Using rendering and digital images gives you the ability to visually communicate your products to your customers.

3D Product Configurator in Augmented reality

The customer can interact with the product before its design is finalized. You can utilize the 3D product configuration software to visually simulate the product and suggest its direction, efficiency, durability, and feasibility. You can measure products prior to their manufacturing. It is the most economical, versatile, and direct way to ensure your products fit the best quality, functionality, and price. Once the 3D software is started, you will experience the product in a full-color rendering, complete with measurements. You can also place your product in a real-life scenario using augmented reality technology. It is an amazing tool that has many uses.

For example, ActumLab created MSO Plan application, for Mikomax Smart Ofiice brand, which is an innovative mobile AR app.

3D Configurator Features

You can place product models within a 3D workspace and add architectural structures. Set up lighting and test the product. Configurator software lets you scan to create a 3D object model. You can create freeform tables for your product models and export your products for 3D Printing. Scan data can be saved to a photo library, which can be searched and grouped by anything on the body of your products. Product scan data can be analyzed to compare CAD models.

Benefits for Business

Some manufacturers’ customers may require an entire 3D product. These products may include different viewports, options, and models. The 3D product visualization software allows you to import your own 3D models into your configurator so you can create multiple products. The software also lets you visualize how your products are going to be sold to your customers, and what you can offer them. If you are planning to increase sales, then the use of the 3D product visualization software is one of the best things you can do for your business.

The 3D Configurator market has enormous potential for growth in the coming future. Emerging technologies such as Cloud and 3D BIM are transforming the 3D Configurator industry as we know it today.

At Actum Lab we prepare 3D models and animations for 3D configurators as well as for products and real estate visualizations. We have experience in 3d realizations for automotive, furniture, retail, real estate, jewelry industries, as well as heavy industry and marketing agencies. Our specialized team support and deliver 3d modeling tasks, in close cooperation with the customer, with the preservation of industry best practices and standards.

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