National Forests of Poland

04.22.2021 karol

Application “AR Adaptation for climate changes”, is part of an information campaign about three environmental projects coordinated by the Center of Environmental Projects Coordination of National Forests of Poland. The purpose of this project is an adaptation of forest areas to climate change, in the scope of water retention and fire protection. The application can be downloaded free of charge for both Android and iOS devices. To use the app properly and play 3d animations related to projects, it is required to display or print markers available on the app website. Owing to Augmented Reality, 3D animations are displayed on the top of informational folder pages.




Part of the project scope was the creation of custom 3D models and animations related to the forest topic like animals, plants, dead nature, water dames, etc. Models were prepared in low-poly concept, according to the customer requirements and guidance.


Models were used as input for the creation of nine 3D animations related to the environmental projects. Animations present e.g. rain, water level increase, moving animals, wind, and firefighting action.