Mikomax MSO Plan

04.22.2021 karol

MSO Plan application, created for Mikomax Smart Office brand, is an innovative mobile app using Augmented Reality for configuration and visualization of Mikomax products, directly in the user’s location.

The application was based on the ARKit engine and features configuration and placement of virtual 3D models of Mikomax Smart Office acoustic solutions, in a 1:1 scale, directly in the user’s place.  MSO Plan gives an accurate overview of the dimensions, design, and functionality of products from the Hush collection. The solution was developed with compatibility with devices iPhone 6s or newer and iPads.

The application is dedicated for both Mikomax Smart Office employees, as sales supporting tool, as well as for existing and potential customers. It is also widely used during trade shows and industry conferences, as the competitive advantage of the Mikomax Smart Office brand.

Actum Lab delivered comprehensively all stages of the project, starting from 3D model optimization, 3D animation, and final implementation in the ARKit engine as a dedicated mobile app. Owing to using the Actum Studio project template and best practices, the entire implementation went smoothly and the customer received a dedicated AR mobile app in the subscription model.

The application is free for download through AppStore. Please check the movie from the app demo use: