04.26.2021 karol

IKEA AR Portal app was created for marketing campaign IKEA “Long live the house”. “AR Portal” allows placing 360-degree movie or 3D model inside virtual Augmented Reality doors. Generated image transfers the user to the IKEA store indoor and it is possible to physically enter the location just by using a smartphone or tablet. The campaign was realized for two polish cities (Poznań and Szczecin) between 10.09.2018 and 30.09.2018.

By using AR technology we were able to create an AR portal and show the door to IKEA in the middle of a sidewalk. Customers were able to virtually walk through the door and enter IKEA’s store. It was a very creative way to show IKEA’s customers their products and interact with them with the help of Augmented Reality.
If you want to see the results watch the video of the campaign.