Benetsleep – is the polish furniture manufacturer, which gives us opportunity for virtual preview and customizing of the furniture with the Augmented Reality technology.   

Benet application is using Augmented Reality technology, which means, that we can not only design our virtual bed, but also place it virtually in our space.


Despite 3D furniture preview, app allows us to get familiar with the BEDBenet funcionalities, by launching animation of raising bed’s frame to two separate positions, and looking into inside bedding box. Additionally, if our customized bed will catch our attention, we are able to take the picture, save the project and send a message to the manufacturer for additional questions or order placement.

Bed Benet, Augmented Reality app by Actum Lab









„Implementation of Benetsleep application based on Actum Studio platform and framework is perfect example, that not only world giants, like IKEA, can offer innovative and modern m-commerce platform with Augmented Reality funcionalities.” – says Rafał Kosidło, AR architect and co-founder of Actum Lab, which was responsible for application deployment.

„Because of using Actum Studio standard application template, application for Benetsleep was launched with almost no initial costs. Subscription model, offered by Actum Lab, including application maintenance, provides low TCO.” – says Benetsleep founder, Marcin Grabowski.

Bed Benet, Augmented Reality app by Actum Lab










After several months after application premiere, it has already several thousand of downloads and gained ROI (return on investment) rate at 113%. AR solution has significant impact on buying decision, which increases sales volume. Users spend in the application average from 3 to 8 minutes.

Because of big interest in the AR application, in the next months, company is planning to develop the application further as well as launching Android version.