Augmented reality in marketing

05.26.2021 Actumlab

Augmented Reality is a great technology for efficient and attractive marketing. Presentation of marketing content via AR guarantees attraction of a significantly bigger amount of audience. The creation of Augmented Reality experiences, offered by Actum Lab, let you enrich marketing processes in an innovative way, as well as propose to the customer a new way of interaction with the audience.


Augmented Reality technology usage is limited only by our imagination. Every creative industry can benefit from using AR. Actually, the most known use cases for marketing are:

Interactive Business Cards – we deliver AR solutions as mobile or smartglasses apps, displaying additional content (3D models, animations, text messages, movies, websites, photos etc.) on the top of physical business card or QR code.
Interactive invitations – are you organizing a trade show, conference or other event and looking for interesting way of invitation?  We can create dedicates solution for every type of events, with the agenda, articles and necessary information as well as interactive content available in the Augmented Reality technology.
Interactive banners, posters, stickers – traditional marketing materials can be easily enriched with digital content visible via dedicated mobile app and Augmented Reality
Custom Snapchat and Facebook lenses and filters – the perfect tool for making the audience more engaged during all types of event and marketing campaigns
AR portals – transfer users to new, virtual world without VR glasses!